About Taxcom, LLC

Our mission

To provide the highest level of service and deliver the maximum benefit to our customers.

Our Philosophy

The service that we provide is necessary and critical to the lives of our customers. It is our responsibility to provide the utmost privacy and treat all our customers with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Our Promise

We will do our best to provide you the maximum tax benefit allowable by law.

About Us

At TaxCom, LLC, we’re more than a tax services firm in Raleigh. We are focused on providing high quality tax planning, tax preparation, and tax resolution services at reasonable prices. We are all about taxation with representation.

TaxCom, LLC was founded in 2011 by Zeb Baiye, Enrolled Agent (EA) – a Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner. He is an active member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the North Carolina society of Enrolled Agents. He is also a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA).

In addition to tax services, we also offer a series of financial services instruments to assist individuals and small business owners. Overall, our goal is to provide each client with a complete saving package they need to be successful.

Our Tax Clients

  • Individuals, Independent Contractors and self-employed from all communities around the US
  • Businesses, especially new business start-ups around United States
  • U.S. citizens or resident aliens abroad filing income, business, estate, and gift tax and paying estimated tax
  • International students studying and working in the United States
  • Foreign workers working in the United States
  • Foreign Investors with investments in Real Estate and other businesses in the US

Our Team of Tax Professionals

We are a dedicated team of Enrolled Agents, based in Raleigh North Carolina, who strive to provide complete tax solutions at reasonable prices to U.S. Taxpayers (individuals and businesses).

Contact TaxCom LLC in Raleigh

TaxCom LLC Can Help With Taxes & More

TaxCom LLC is dedicated to providing the highest level of tax service at an affordable rate. We know how hard filing your taxes properly can be and understand that not everyone can be familiar with every tax write off or legal tax loophole that can help you have more money to grow your company. We also provide top notch accounting services and small business solutions for companies that are just getting off the ground. We would love the opportunity to show what a difference of having a knowledgeable tax expert on your team can make. Call us at 919-890-5058 or contact us online for more information.