Going out to the mailbox and seeing a letter from the IRS is enough to make anyone’s heart start racing. It can also make for a rough time to know you have some IRS problems hanging over your head that you have no idea how to resolve. It might surprise you that heading to a local IRS office to try to reach a resolution might not be the best first step. You might be better off talking with an accountant first, as they can often be quite helpful with settling IRS problems. A tax accountant can handle issues such as owing back taxes, having unfiled returns, and responding to an IRS letter.

  • Back taxes- If you owe back taxes, this isn’t something you should ignore, as the amount you owe will continually increase and the IRS could begin collection activities, such as liens, garnishments, and other unpleasant actions. A tax accountant can help you negotiate with the IRS to lessen your tax burden or set up an agreeable payment plan.
  • Unfiled returns- It is never too late to file a return that should have been sent in already. A tax accountant will be able to utilize the correct forms even if it has been more than a couple of years since the return was due.
  • IRS mistakes- The IRS can make mistakes, too, and should that happen, a tax accountant can instruct you on what can be done to appeal the error. Generally, a letter from your tax accountant with supporting documentation, if necessary, can clear up an erroneous IRS notification.
  • Questions- If you do agree with the IRS but have questions about what your responsibility is at this point, a tax accountant who handles IRS problems will be able to explain it to you.

If you have IRS problems such as these, reach out to us at TaxCom, LLC. We are happy to help you reach a resolution so you won’t have to worry about what the IRS might do next. We have experience with resolving tax problems, so you can be confident that we’ll go to bat for you and address all your questions. Reach out today to learn more or to get the help you need.