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Starting a small business is hard. Should you start a sole proprietorship, an LLC, or should you incorporate your company? Once you do, how will you get your tax ID, send invoices, manage your accounting, and make sure you are paying the right amount in taxes? Every situation is different, thankfully, TaxCom LLC can help you answer these questions and determine the strategy that is right for you. We help form strategies for the formation of small businesses in Raleigh & The Triangle, but can help you no matter where you are in the United States. Schedule a free consultation online or call us at 919-890-5058 with any questions you may have.

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Help With Starting Your Small Business in Raleigh & Beyond

There are a number of things you need to consider when you are starting a small business. What type of company should you form? Have you filled out the right documentation and submitted it to the proper state and federal agencies? Are you hiring employees and if so, can you figure out their payroll tax? Do you have a trusted adviser who can help you manage your accounting while making sure you are prepared to file and pay your taxes? If you haven’t asked these questions or are unsure of the answers, it would be a good idea to schedule a free small business consultation with the experts at TaxCom LLC. We offer accounting services, tax services (such as tax preparation, tax relief and tax planning), as well as services to like business formation and helping you get your Tax ID numbers. Call us at 919-890-5058 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

We Can Help Set Up Your Business Structure

We’re able help our clients with business setup and incorporation, structure decision and obtain tax numbers from Federal and state agencies.

Types of Business structures:

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • General Partnership

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • C- Corporation

  • Sub- chapter S-Corporation through S-Election.

We Help You Get Tax ID Numbers

Let TaxCom LLC help you get your Tax ID numbers set up correctly from the start. Let us know what your needs are and we’ll help you figure out which you need.

Types of Tax ID’s we can help you obtain:

  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

  • State Account ID

  • State Account Number

  • Sales Tax Number

  • Food & Beverage Account Number

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The folks at Taxcom are helping me with creating a plan for my back taxes as well as getting my tax situation in shape moving forward. Highly recommend.
Kevin Garofalo
Kevin Garofalo
14:50 14 Jun 19
Gwendoline Shang
Gwendoline Shang
17:59 14 Jun 19
Brice Hamby
Brice Hamby
19:47 11 Sep 18
Excellent work. Real detail and provide the best advice.
sean osbourne
sean osbourne
00:52 09 Jul 19
Zeb and TaxCom are bar none the best value and service for business and personal tax services, accounting support and financial advice, in the Triangle. I have referred nearly a dozen personal and business contacts to Zeb, and they all have stayed on as long term clients.
Kat Ngaruiya
Kat Ngaruiya
23:43 08 Jul 19
Nice experience to work with on tax report.
21:31 22 Jul 19
Great accountant!
Jason A
Jason A
03:48 23 Jul 19
Had a very good experience filing my tax for 2018. I totally recommend Taxcom, LLC.
Nishant S
Nishant S
16:12 23 Jul 19
Zeb is very good & helpful in Taxation and address all your Tax queries with much patience. Overall Great Service received for the last 3 years.
Robin Mandal
Robin Mandal
20:21 19 Aug 19

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Get Help With Starting Your Small Business in NC

There are a lot of misconceptions about what you need to start up a new business. You don’t always need to pay an expensive lawyer to set up your business structure. You don’t necessarily need a CPA to do your books and taxes. TaxCom LLC has experience helping people in the USA & Raleigh start their small businesses, we’ll understand exactly what you’re goals are and come up with a plan that is right for you. We offer free small business start up consultations and would love to learn more about your needs. Give us a call at 919-890-5058 or contact us online for more information.