Tax Preparation

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Our tax professionals are well experienced and vested with the new tax law. Our analysis and thorough research, couple with education is a guarantee that we will find the most tax deductions and credits to give you the best return possible in accordance with the tax law. 

We are knowledgeable and experienced in preparing and filing the following kind of tax returns:

Some of the kind of taxes filed include:

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  • Business tax : i) Sole Proprietor – Form 1040 Sch.C, ii) Partnership – Form 1065, iii) C-corporation – Form 1120, iv) S-corporation – Form 1120-S.
  • Individual tax : i) Resident and Nonresident Alien tax return, ii) US citizens living abroad
  • Excise tax
  • Exempt organization tax return
  • Multi-State tax return
  • Payroll tax
  • Property tax
  • Sales Tax

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Right here are a couple of indicators to remember when picking someone else to prepare your tax return:

Examine the individual’s credentials. Examine the preparer’s history. Discover their service fees. See to it the tax preparer is accessible. Supply all records and receipts needed to prepare your return. Evaluate the whole return prior to signing it. Never ever sign a blank return. Stay away from tax preparers that ask you to sign a blank tax return.